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Fees Box

BulletThe base fee for services is $150.00/session. Sessions typically last 45 minutes. Dr. Max can negotiate fees based on a sliding fee scale for clients who do not have insurance and who are financially struggling. The sliding fee scale slides down to $75.00/session based on a family's income and the number of people supported by that income. To request a sliding fee scale, please refer to and fill out the Sliding Fee Scale Application (link below). Co-pays and self-pay fees are due at the time of service. Dr. Max sends out bills at the beginning of the month and directly bills insurance companies as a service to his clients. Dr. Max charges a Late Cancellation fee of $40.00 for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. He charges a fee of $50.00 for No-Shows. If Dr. Max is called to Court for any legal matters, he charges $400.00/hour, including travel time to and from Court and for Court preparation time. Balances not paid after 90 days are subject to an interest rate of up to 2%/month on the balance. This charge is calculated to the balance that is more than 90 days old at the first of each month.

Sliding Fee Schedule (downloadable)

Insurance Box

BulletDr. Max is on most major insurance panals, including:

BulletAnthem    BulletAetna    BulletColorado Access    BulletColorado Health Care Plus    BulletMagellan          BulletValueOptions     BulletUnited HealthCare (United Behavioral Health)     BulletOne Health (Humana)     BulletCigna (Cigna Behavioral Health)    BulletMedicare/Medicaid    BulletSecond Wind Fund

BulletMost insurance companies require a prior authorization before receiving services. Clients are responsible for obtaining prior authorizations and knowing the terms of their insurance coverage. Please call your insurance company and ask to get an authorization number to see Dr. Dana Max prior to your first session. If your insurance provider is not listed on this page, please call your carrier and ask specifically if they cover services provided by Dr. Max. As a courtesy to clients, Dr. Max bills insurance companies via an electronic billing service once a month at on charge to you. However, clients are responsible for payment of fees even if their insurance company refuses to pay. Also, please be sure to obtain the address where MENTAL HEALTH CLAIMS should be sent, which is often a different address than where medical claims are sent.

Payments Box 

BulletDr. Max accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, and American Express) at his office for payments. You can also fill out the Credit Card Agreement Form (linked below) to have Dr. Max automatically bill your credit card on a one time or continuous basis (this is his preferred method).

Credit Card Agreement Form (downloadable) 

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